Accurate and reliable measurement of whole building fabric heat loss (also known as a heat transfer coefficient or HTC) is considered by many to be the holy grail in building performance measurement and understanding. The measurement takes into account the performance of the building fabric as a whole and within a single value, indicates the amount of energy required to maintain a building at a stated temperature.

With over 10 years experience in measuring whole building heat transfer coefficients using conventional co-heating methods, the team at BTS are working closely with the University of Salford and others to develop and refine a game changing in-situ HTC algorithm. Our approach allows for a measurement to be taken in an entirely passive manner through the combination of internal and external temperature sensor data alongside gas and electricity consumption data arising from smart meters.

Our Smart HTC solution is currently under development and undergoing extensive testing and evaluation. The BTS team are however always on the lookout for parties interested in participating in our trials or exploring early stage options for integration. A full commercial product is expected in 2020.

Applications of the BTS Smart HTC algorithm include:

Policy makers and regulators

Understand the true performance of the building stock and assess the impact of policy interventions at scale

Energy Suppliers

Measure and understand the true space heating energy demand presented by buildings.

Stock owners and asset managers

compare and monitor the fundamental performance of assets with occupancy and weather factors accounted for.

Home owners and building occupants

Quantify the real time energy performance of your property and its improvement potential

Research Organisations and Energy Professionals

A practical as inhabited measurement alternative to a co-heating

BTS involves like minded individuals and organisations in the development of new building testing technologies. If you wish to know more, are interested in our vision, or believe we could help your organisation, please get in touch.

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