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Pulse is a portable compressed air based system which is used to measure the air leakage of a building or enclosure at a near ambient pressure level (4Pa).

By measuring at a lower pressure, the system provides an air change rate measurement that is representative of normal inhabited conditions, helping to improve understanding of energy performance and true building ventilation needs.

The full Pulse system comprises of an air receiver and nozzle unit, an  air compressor and a touch screen control module.

Quick & simple to operate
Setup, test and pack down in as little as 10 minutes. The Pulse unit is simply placed into the centre of a building and can be operated using single button operation.

Pulse is a self-contained device, able to test the whole building envelope or enclosure, including all doorways. It can also be used to test individual rooms.

Low pressure
The test process does not overly stress the building fabric during testing and does not force leakage paths which would not otherwise be there under normal conditions.

Low disruption
Occupants or trades people may remain in the building for the duration of testing. The test does not penetrate the envelope and will not change the temperature of the building.

Accurate and repeatable
Pulse provides highly repeatable results at low pressures whilst the system also minimises the impact of changes in background pressure due to wind.

Flexible modular system
Multiple standard Pulse air receivers can be linked together to test larger buildings, delivering a precise and uniform pressure distribution.

Why measure at low pressure?

A 4Pa reference pressure is generally considered the typical pressure differential across a building envelope over the course of the seasons (i.e. representative whole year average). It is the pressure used as an infiltration reference in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, ASTM E741 and within the building codes used in France, Switzerland and the US.

It is this low pressure differential field of measurement where Pulse is most truly unique and innovative. Whilst the blower door fan method is a useful stress test of the fabric and able to be used for leakage path diagnostics, the Pulse method provides a direct measurement of air permeability characteristics under ambient conditions. This is useful in improving the accuracy of energy performance assessments and in assessing the level of background infiltration as well as also natural ventilation if required.

PAS 2035 Approved
Pulse is a recognised air tightness testing method for use with the PAS 2035 specification regarding retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency.

Part L Compliance Coming Soon!
Pulse is due to be an approved air tightness testing method in the next Part L building regulations which will be published later this year.

New build
Simple, quick and accurate testing can provide effective quality assurance throughout the construction, commissioning and compliance testing process. Adopt the BTS Leak Checker as a tool to diagnose air leakage issues during the build phase, increasing pass rates and cost efficiencies when it comes to a final Pulse compliance testing.

Existing homes and retrofit
Low impact testing of  occupied homes can determine the root cause of mould, condensation and indoor air quality issues. Testing can also be used to determine retrofit strategies and to validate the quality and performance of delivered works.

Link multiple Pulse air receivers to cost effectively carry out air permeability testing on large non-residential buildings or in multi-residential blocks; new build or existing occupied.

Pulse can be used in a range of other specialist conditioned environments such as cleanrooms, laboratories, refrigeration chambers, data centres and server rooms where quick, safe, non disruptive testing of enclosure integrity is required.

 Pulse 2.0 Brochure
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 Pulse Test Reports
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