U-Value Measurement System

The in situ U-value of floors and walls can vary significantly from calculated values. Our U-Value Measurement System is a portable tool which is used to measure the thermal transmittance of these building elements, helping to identify potential insulation upgrades and to reinforce investment decisions.

The system can measure heat flux over a number of days or weeks in order to deliver greater accuracy and quantify the in-situ U-value of a building envelope according to the ISO 9869 methodology.

  • Accurate Measurements - measures heat flux and internal/external temperatures
  • High Sensitivity - best in class sensors for greater accuracy
  • Rugged, Portable and Secure - includes lightweight protective case
  • Online Data Analysis - cloud-based interface to view data
  • Remote Access - no need to attend site to check when ISO conformity met

As-Built Performance Measurement
Conduct quality assurance testing to check that desired outcomes are being achieved. Improve quality and save costs by identifying issues early to prevent late-stage remedial work.

Retrofit Performance Improvement
Quantify the baseline vs the actual delivered performance. Determine the true energy, running cost and CO2 savings delivered by improvements.

ISO 9869 U-Value Measurement
High sensitive data logger and heat flux plates combined with RTD temperature sensors makes the system ISO 9869 compliant.

The benefits of making the direct measurement of in-situ U-values more accessible include:

  • Understand baseline performance and better target investment in insulation upgrades
  • Measure during works and on early completions to check that desired outcomes are being achieved
  • Quantify delivered actual performance, stating the true energy, running cost, CO2 savings and fuel poverty impact delivered by energy efficiency programmes
  • Conduct quality assurance testing and establish a culture of accountability
  • Save time, costs and improve quality by identifying issues early and reducing late-stage remedial action

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