Research and Development

Build Test Solutions have a strong track record in working with Universities and like minded innovators to validate the market need for new technology and then in sourcing funding support to help initiate a collaboration.

Through a combination of experience and drive, we then specialise in navigating the famous technology innovation “valley of death”, helping to see technologies transitioning from innovation to product.

Our specific areas of interest include realising new methods concerning the measurement and verification of:

  • Indoor air quality and ventilation
  • Electricity generation and storage
  • Building heat loss
  • Smart technologies
  • Gas and electricity metering
  • Data storage and analytics

If you feel that you or your organisation would benefit from working with us, or if you have a building performance measurement idea or technology that you would like to take to market, then please get in touch.

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BTS involves likeminded individuals and organisations in the development of new building testing technologies. If you wish to know more, are interested in our vision, or believe we could help your organisation, please get in touch.
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