Leak Checker

Achieving an airtight building fabric, minimising uncontrolled losses and putting in place an appropriate and controllable ventilation strategy is well understood as being a pragmatic means of achieving good energy efficiency levels as well as a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

The BTS leak checker product aims to complement our low pressure Pulse air permeability test device by helping users to locate and address unwanted air leakage paths. The fan is designed to be window mounted, runs from a mobile phone app and can be used as an air leakage diagnostics tool at any stage of a retrofit or new build project.

Benefits and Applications 

Quick setup and easy to use

The leak checker fan is designed to be window mounted and make leakage path diagnostics accessible to all

Save time and costs

Run the fan during works and before your compliance testing to be confident of a first time pass whilst reducing the need for costly rectification and remedial works.

Identify leakage paths

the fan creates a pressure difference large enough so that air leakage paths can be felt with your hand of visualised with a smoke pen or thermal imaging camera.

Basic Measurement

the fan is not intended as a measurement instrument and cannot be used for compliance. It will however provide an indication of overall leakiness and level of progression made by your sealing interventions.


Can be used before or after a Pulse or blower door fan test, allowing diagnostics and sealing works to be carried out independently.

Download Info Sheet

You can download the Leak Checker information sheet by clicking below

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