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BTS visit the Energy House

Over the course of September Build Test Solutions will be undertaking lots of testing within the University of Salford’s Energy House. The Energy House is a traditional, 2-bedroom end-terrace that has been rebuilt within a climate-controlled chamber.

We’re using this one-of-a-kind laboratory to test and develop our Rapid U-Values and Smart HTC products. The Energy House allows us to accurately simulate real-world conditions in a controlled way, including cold, rain, wind, sun, occupancy, window opening, heating patterns and all sorts!

It’s the perfect playground for a building physicist, and more importantly an integral part of ensuring we understand the fundamental workings and repeatability of our products.

About the Energy House

The Energy House represents 21% of UK housing stock and was rebuilt using traditional methods including lime mortar, and lathe and plaster ceilings. The house is classed as a ‘hard to treat property’ in terms of energy efficiency, due to the lack of cavity walls.

Unlike test houses built outdoors, conditions in the Energy House can be replicated time and time again regardless of the outdoor climate. There is also no need for users to wait until the weather conditions meet their requirements as rain, snow, wind and temperature can be specified to high levels of accuracy.

More Information about the Energy House is available here.

Smart HTC

If you would like to find out more about our Smart HTC product please click below.

Rapid U-Values

If you would like to find out more about our Rapid U-Values product please click below.

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